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HEY YALL.. updates 

It’s been 2 entire years since I’ve blogged. Man listen life has been on the move. People have come and people have gone. I’ve gained some very very inspirational and inspiring friends. First of all just know Mzz Truth ain’t going no fucking where she my homie for LIFE!! Still grinding, still hustling, still being that phenomenal mother as always. So if you looking for hot gear get at her and Alii Calii Fashions. She accepts all major credit cards, paypal, EBT! You name it she accept it lol naw I’m lying just PayPal, Cash and All Major Credit cards. 


So now that I got Best Friend’s plug out of the way. Watch how I work lol so the past few years, I have become someone new. I still have my ratchet moments, I’ll still bust your lip wide open, but now it’s takes a lot longer to get me to that point. I have grown to ignore a lot of things. I’ve grown to know that regardless of what I see in the mirror these hoes still gone hate! Lol in these 2 years I have seen more women hate on the next one because she WORKING! Smh I wish some of y’all would just get a job. Lol ok rant over. I’ve learned that you have to always live your life for you. Fuck everyone else and how they feel about what you do. How you do it. And why you do it. People always gone talk. ALWAYS! So stop living your life to please them Zane please yourself, make yourself happy. 

Now updates on ya girl Me, Justice Mayrie, Niquita Mayrie, Dat Damn Cinco, or my newly added name Introspective. Yes on June 11, 2016 I became a member of the lovely sorority of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc. I still have my same employer. I’m still grinding with I Am Justice Mayrie. I still Wake up, yawn and Hustle. 

I have a few things in the works. Still writing my book Life After trust it’s something serious. You will definitely want to get your hands on it once it’s finished. 

I also have a Non Profit in the works Heels And Hoodies… need more details? Contact us at Heels And Hoodies

I got a few more products in the works as well as a friends with projects and hustles up and coming. More plugs to come. See you guys Sunday. 

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